Sophia is a Korean immigrant living in Canada who reconnected to her cultural roots via K-Pop. Her love of groups like 2PM and BIGBANG (among many others) kickstarted a nearly 15-year love affair with the genre and an appreciation for K-R&B artists like Crush, Zion T., Dean, and more. Now, Sophia writes news and entertainment pieces about Korean culture, helping to pass on her love and knowledge of the growing phenomenon. Through her work, she also hopes to facilitate K-Pop’s tendency to bring diverse fans together as it did for her.
Nam Joo Hyuk Recalls Getting Ridiculed In High School For Dreaming Of Becoming A Model

Man, he showed them UP.

Hyoyeon Claims A Fan Once Shoved A Lollipop Into Her Fellow Girls’ Generation Member’s Mouth

Hyoyeon is still horrified to this day.

OnlyOneOf Members Personally Address Sexually Explicit Dance Moves That Sparked Controversy

“I’m sure many fans were surprised…”

EXID’s Hani Chose To Rent A Small Studio Apartment — Here’s Why She Didn’t Go Bigger

It was her choice.

Park Seo Joon Revealed To Have Used His Real Name “Park Yong Gyu” To Make A Large Donation

Not even his agency knew.

Kim Jung Hyun Is Reportedly In A Dispute With His Current Agency Regarding His Contract Duration

This comes shortly after the dating rumors involving Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye.

Han Ji Hyun Reveals How Acting In “Penthouse” Caused Her To Lose Over 10 Pounds

She didn’t lose all that weight by choice.

Kang Daniel Confesses He Was A Victim Of Bullying

“They probably don’t remember. Most bullies usually don’t.”

Heechul Claims He’s Never Felt Sad After Breaking Up With His Girlfriends

He’s been like this ever since he was little.

EXID’s Hani Is Currently Studying Psychology — And The Reason Is Beyond Touching

Hani has a heart of gold.