Sophia is a Korean immigrant living in Canada who reconnected to her cultural roots via K-Pop. Her love of groups like 2PM and BIGBANG (among many others) kickstarted a nearly 15-year love affair with the genre and an appreciation for K-R&B artists like Crush, Zion T., Dean, and more. Now, Sophia writes news and entertainment pieces about Korean culture, helping to pass on her love and knowledge of the growing phenomenon. Through her work, she also hopes to facilitate K-Pop’s tendency to bring diverse fans together as it did for her.
“True Beauty” Actor Keeps Playing Student Roles Despite His Much Older Age

Wait, he’s how old???

The National Police Agency Of Korea Confuses TVXQ Fans With A Random Post About Yunho

The police tweeting about Yunho surrounded by mobsters???

“Penthouse” Choi Ye Bin Confesses To Suffering Mental Hardship While Playing The Role Of Ha Eun Byeol

The role couldn’t have been easy.

Burning Sun Whistleblower Continues To Accuse Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Of Being A Witness

He brought up former BIGBANG member Seungri as the reason.

“Infinite Challenge” Fans Desperately Want The Show To Return — Here’s Why It’s Unlikely According To Yoo Jae Suk

It has to do with some of the members.

SF9’s Chanhee Recalls Addressing EXO’s Kai Incorrectly Live On “Show! Music Core”

No hard feelings though.

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s Luxury Fashion In “True Beauty” Under Criticism For Not Doing His Visuals Justice

“Not all luxury clothing looks good.”

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Hits Back At Burning Sun Whistleblower’s Allegations

“Okay, everyone. Calm the heck down!”

OG Idol Jun Jin Expresses Guilt And Humiliation Over A Campaign Song Shinhwa Once Sang

He was so ashamed that he hid behind the other members.

IU Reveals The New Allergies She Developed Due To Her Weakening Immune System

It causes inconvenience to her hairstylists.