Hailing from the state of Colorado, Skylar is a bilingual Korean American writer and a longtime fan of K-Pop. Having fallen in love with K-Pop in the heyday of Shinhwa and g.o.d and become a true fan upon Girls’ Generation’s debut, Skylar brings her extensive experience with the K-Entertainment scene to the table in each article. Skylar is excited to bring news from all over the K-Pop world to fans just like her.
Former KARA Member Kang Jiyoung Celebrates The Group’s 13th Anniversary With A Heartfelt Post

How has it already been 13 years?

Here Are The 4 Most Attractive Male Olympians Of South Korea — According To Netizens

Netizens think #2 could debut as a K-Pop idol!

“Maxim Korea” Features A Plus-Size Model On Its Cover For The First Time In 20 Years

Meet Ssun Biki, the plus-size model who broke the barrier.

AKMU’s Suhyun Discusses How Her Brother Chanhyuk Treated Her Differently From IU In The Recording Studio

She couldn’t help but adorably “complain” about her older brother!

Shinhwa’s Eric Got Tired Of Dying His Gray Hair Every 2 Weeks — So He Shaved It All Off

“I decided to liberate my scalp.”

Jun Ji Hyun Stuns With A New Image, As She Shows Off Her Short Hair For “Netflix Korea”

How does she never age?!

G-Dragon Or Yoo Jae Suk? Haha Picks Who He’d Want To Be Reborn As And It’s Not For The Reasons You’d Think

“I can’t live like [him]…”

Former WA$$UP (WASSUP) Member Jiae Claps Back At Netizens Who Hate On Her Sexuality

“You can think of me as abnormal. It’s not my problem.”

KBS Reportedly Dropped INFINITE’s Sunggyu From Their Show After His COVID-19 Diagnosis

They also allegedly stopped his agency from making a press release about it.

OH MY GIRL’s Yooa Shares That A Ghost Continues To Live At Her Company — Even After They Moved Locations

“The short-haired ghost was still with us.”