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These Are The TOP 50 Most Popular Boy Groups In Korea Right Now

Did your bias make the TOP 50?

F(x)’s Victoria Officially Leaves SM Entertainment

All 4 f(x) members have left SM Entertainment.

Seo Ji Hye’s Agency Once Again Denies She Is Dating Kim Jung Hyun, Refuting Dispatch’s Report

They denied it again.

Dispatch Reveals “Crash Landing On You” Stars Kim Jung Hyun And Seo Ji Hye Have Been Dating For 1 Year

They’ve been dating for one year.

Actor Kim Jung Hyun In Discussions To Join “Crash Landing On You” Co-Star Seo Ji Hye’s Agency

He’s looking for a new agency.

“Crash Landing On You” Actors Kim Jung Hyun And Seo Ji Hye Tied Up In Dating Rumors… Agency Denies In Under 20 Minutes

A lightning quick denial.

Ham So Won’s Husband Jin Hua Accused Of Faking His Entire Background And Identity

His name isn’t actually Jin Hua?

FNC Entertainment Girl Group Cherry Bullet Reportedly Applied For Mnet’s New Audition Program “Girls Planet 999”

Other girl group members also applied.

TXT Will Reportedly Make Their Comeback In May

TXT is coming back.

Highlight Confirmed To Make Their First Full Group Comeback In Over 2 Years

Highlight is back!