Swings Accused of Defending Black Nut For Sexually Harrassing KittiB

Swings updated his Instagram with a quote by Mark Twain, and some believe it may have to do with KittiB suing Black Nut.

KittiB recently decided to sue Black Nut after he mentioned her in her songs and wrote sexually derogatory lyrics about her in the song “Too Real” from Just Music‘s compilation album.

When Swings uploaded a quote by Mark Twain with a translation on his Instagram, many believed he was referring to KittiB’s decision to sue Black Nut through this post, as Black Nut was signed under his agency, Just Music.


He also included an emoji of a woman and the male gender symbol in the translation, which is being interpreted by netizens as his attempt to reconcile the two rappers, while others believe the post has nothing to do with KittiB and Black Nut.

Several of his followers commented that Black Nut shouldn’t be forgiven too quickly or easily, like his post suggested, and requested that Swings watch over Black Nut carefully so that he learns not to cross the line.

“The person involved is hurt so she’s choosing to sue, but why do people who have nothing to do with the incident behave like they’re backseat drivers? Just shut your mouth or don’t get involved, the victim gets to decide when they want to forgive, don’t talk shit among yourselves since it’s annoying.

— @gorgeous__tinaaa.d

“Swings has been uploading these a lot… He uploads nice English phrases and translates them into Korean… Isn’t he just doing that? Could be coincidence…ㅎㅎㅎ”

— @ijunu9942