Sunmi Meets The One “Showterview” Guest She Struggles To Speak With Informally

Sunmi hesitates to speak casually with her recent guest.

Season two of Showterview is underway, with Sunmi as the show’s host.

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

Sunmi leads the program with her free-spirited personality and has been consistent with her goal to have Showterview be a “global show.” During her interviews, Sunmi has encouraged guests to speak with her casually and drop formalities in speech.

Sunmi with AleXa on “Showterview” | Mobidic/YouTube

The request has not been an issue with guests, as many have been younger or the same age as her. While the younger guests initially hesitate, they quickly go along with it, adding to the fun and laid-back vibe of the show.

StayC with Sunmi on “Showterview” | Mobidic/YouTube

In the latest episode, Sunmi hesitated to initiate informal speech for the first time. Sunmi had two guests in the episode, including fellow former Wonder Girls member Yubin.

Former Wonder Girls members Yubin (left) and Sunmi (right) | @wondergirlspics/Twitter

Yubin was the oldest member of the Wonder Girls, she was born in 1988, and Sunmi was born in 1992.

While viewers may have thought speaking informally with Yubin might not be comfortable for Sunmi due to their age difference, their long history together proved otherwise. Sunmi and Yubin shared that they’ve always spoken with each other casually, so Sunmi’s “global talk show” concept wouldn’t be an issue for them.

Sunmi’s other guest caused the host to hesitate when asking to speak casually with her. The other special guest, Kan Mi Youn, debuted as a first-generation K-Pop idol in the group Baby V.O.X!

Kan Mi Youn debuted in 1997, ten years before the Wonder Girls debuted, and has continued her music career as a solo artist. As a senior in the industry and a member of one of K-Pop’s leading girl groups of the first generation, it made sense that Sunmi was respectful of Kan Mi Youn’s level of comfort in speaking more casually.

After Sunmi worked up the courage to ask Kan Mi Youn if it was okay to speak casually, the first-generation happily agreed, easing any nervousness Sunmi had.

The three continued to have a fun and lively show together. Check out the video below for the full episode!