Kwangsoo Questions His 10 Years of Friendship with Jihyo over a Coffee Truck

Kwangsoo criticized Jihyo first, but the tables turned soon afterwards.

On the most recent episode of SBS’s Running Man, the members transformed into 8 cousins.

At the start of the show, Jongkook brought up the fact that Jihyo often gifts actor friends by sending them coffee trucks during filming. He then asked, “Kwangsoo has filmed so many movies and dramas already. Why haven’t you sent him a single coffee truck?

In response, Kwangsoo also jumped in by adding, “I’ve actually known about this for quite some time, but never brought it up.

When Jihyo said she had her reasons with other actors such as 2PM‘s Junho and Hong Jong Hyun, Kwangsoo immediately asked, “So in the 10 years we’ve been friends, you never had a reason with me?

But Sechan jumped in and turned the tables by mentioning that Kwang Soo sent a coffee truck to So Min, but not Jihyo.

Jihyo took this opportunity to question her friendship with Kwangsoo as well by exclaiming, “We’ve been friends for 10 years!” to which Kwangsoo hilariously answered, “We’re such close friends that things like that don’t matter.

Source: Dispatch