A Netizen Once Criticized DIA’s Yebin, Saying She’s Not Good Enough For IU’s Friendship, and IU Responded

What IU did next was incredible!

Ever the famous fan of IU, DIA‘s Yebin uploaded a video cover of herself singing IU‘s ‘Between the Lips’ on her personal Instagram in the past.


One malicious netizen left a comment claiming that Yebin wasn’t worthy of IU’s friendship and love because she wasn’t popular like TWICE’s Nayeon.

Did you know IU gave TWICE’s Nayeon a gift? Only popular people receive love from IU. Not you, Yebin… Get your head straight.. You look pathetic….

— @cookbook9595


Yebin didn’t shy away from speaking her mind. She responded to the netizen claiming that she’s fine with just being a fan.

It’s okay because I love her~

— Yebin


Soon enough, IU saw the conversation and stepped in to show her love towards Yebin! She left a thumbs up and a heart comment under the video and completely made Yebin’s day!

Oh my god…… Senior…🥺💜

— Yebin


Here’s to the new blossoming friendship between two beautiful and talented singer-songwriters!