Adele Trends On Twitter After Reports That She Will Perform On “Music Core”

The hashtag ‘adele sunbaenim’ goes viral after it was reported that Adele would perform at MBC’s “Music Core”

After news outlets falsely claimed that Adele was performing her new hit single, “Easy On Me,” at MBC‘s show Music Core this November, fans got the hilarious hashtag ‘adele sunbaenim’ trending on Twitter, with numerous memes about her supposed appearance being shared.

The rumours began when MBC first posted an image of Adele with the misleading text “Coming Soon” on it to Twitter. Speculations ran wild, understandably and soon it was being reported that Adele would perform at Music Core.

However, this turned out not to be the case, as MBC clarified this weekend that Adele would not, in fact, be present at Music Core, but would be meeting her Korean fans in an event whose details have yet to be finalized between Adele’s representatives and MBC. They did state, however, that there would be a performance, except that Adele would be filming it remotely from her own location in the UK.

This might come as a disappointment to many fans, but at least Adele will be collaborating with MBC in some capacity. And at least we still have the memes!

Here are four of the funniest tweets by K-Pop fans in reaction to the ‘adele sunbaenim’ trend.

1. Adele ending fairy

2. Adele Unnie

3. Jungwoo’s mind going blank

4. Hello from the other side…

Source: Sports Chosun and Nate