19 Most Heart Wrenching Anthems Dedicated To Fans

These 19 songs are some, but certainly, not all, of the most heart wrenching and touching songs idol groups have dedicated to their fans.

EXOEXO released two songs that they have dedicated to EXO-L’s, the first being “Promise” and the second song is “Lucky”. Composed by Lay, with the lyrics written by Chen and rap by Chanyeol, “Promise” was released in 2014, after Luhan and Kris’s departure. The song was EXO’s way of expressing their love towards their fans, promising to love and hug them forever, despite hardships. The more recently released “Lucky” has a more uplifting tone, with EXO expressing how lucky they felt to have EXO-L’s and their happiness.


VIXXDedicated to Starlights, VIXX wrote their song “Love Letter” to be a “confession” to their fans, expressing their love and gratitude towards them. Another song released is “Milky Way”. With an MV focused on displaying VIXX and their fans, VIXX didn’t steer away from showing Starlights that they are stars that gather together to light up their world!

Girls’ GenerationReleasing the beautifully animated “Sailing (0805)”, Girls’ Generation celebrated their 9th Year Anniversary with SONES all over the world. With each scene in the MV representing an era in their careers as idols, the song speaks about their years together, and how they will continue sailing together forever.

BTSBTS have often expressed their love for ARMYs, and in their released song, “Two! Three!”, BTS reach out to ARMYs all over the world, telling them to look forward to even better days. It has become an iconic and one of the most heartfelt songs for ARMYs, and is now dubbed as “BTS and ARMY’s anthem”. Prior to this release, “Miss Right” was considered the song for fans.

SHINeeIt’s no surprise that SHINee and Shawols have a connection like no other and often call each other family. SHINee has so many songs that are dedicated to their fans, but the two main songs would be “An Ode To You’ and “Selene 6.23”. “An Ode To You” is a song speaking of SHINee and Shawols relationship, who always support each other and ease each other’s sorrows. While “Selene 6.23”, written by Jonghyun, is dedicated specifically to international fans, who are the “moon that is far away”, hence the title being “Selene”.

KARAReleasing the song “Dear Kamilias”, KARA use this song as a way to tell their fans everything they have been feeling and could not express earlier. With the title being the same as a beginning of a diary, KARA pour their feelings out to their fans, as one would do with a diary.


Written by Apink’s leader Chorong, “April 19” is a song written to express how they want to return all the love they’ve received from Pink Panda’s back. With the title being the date that A-Pink debuted, fans have always shed tears when listening to this iconic song by Apink.

NU’ESTNU’EST’s song “Thank You”, written by Minhyun, Dongho, and Jr, as one might guess, a thank you song LO/\E’s who have supported, and will continue to, NU’EST through everything that they go through! Another song released by them for fans is “Hey, Love”. With the lyrics being like a conversation between NU’EST and their fans, they tell them to believe in them so they’ll be together forever!

MAMAMOOWith a powerful and heartfelt vocal performance, MAMAMOO vow to always stay together and make it till the end in their song “Tears”, making fans all over the world cry their hearts out.

IUThis song written by IU is actually a song from a Uaena’s point of view! It’s about how a fan has stuck by IU’s side and was not ashamed of being her fan, no matter what people said!

Block B

After overcoming many hardships, Block B pre-released a song under their new company, the song titled “Be The Light”. Lots of symbolism occurs in the MV, but it is a common belief that the woman symbolizes BBCs all over the world, who are a constantly on their minds and are always in their hearts. Written, composed and produced by Zico, the song asks fans to “be the light”, and shine Block B out of the darkness.

BIGBANGPart of their M.A.D.E. album releases, “Last Dance” recognized BIGBANG’s upcoming military service, and assured fans that through that time, BIGBANG would continue to be there for V.I.P’s!

B.A.P.Daehyun‘s crooning vocal opening to this song will forever set the hearts of their B.A.B.Y’s on fire, the song is always a concert favorite and stands as a symbol of mutual love and admiration between fans, especially through the hardships the group faced during their lawsuit with TS Entertainment.

SEVENTEENThis summertime sweethearts song is praised as one of SEVENTEEN’s best pieces – all the better, as the song is dedicated to their fans, who provide them with a sense of “Healing”.