CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa's College Admission Scandal

Jung Yonghwa Has Been Acquitted of All Charges in His University Preferential Treatment Case

He is no longer under suspicion.

Korean Ministry of Education Tries To Cancel Yonghwa’s University Admission and Jo Kwon’s Graduation

The Ministry of Education demands responsibility.

Yonghwa Releases Personal Statement Explaining His Scandal

He released a statement explaining in detail what actually happened.

Jung Yonghwa Will No Longer Participate In Pyeongchang Olympic Ambassador Activities

The committee deemed it inappropriate for Jung Yonghwa to continue promoting the global event.

(★BREAKING) Former FNC Employee Exposes Why Jung Yonghwa Cheated His Way Into Kyunghee University

A former FNC Entertainment employee spilled the details.

(★BREAKING) CNBLUE Yonghwa Kicked Out Of Kyunghee University And Professor Fired

The university began a thorough investigation regarding Jung Yonghwa’s admission.

Jung Yonghwa Admits Everything Was His Fault In Hand Written Apology Letter

He personally apologized through a handwritten letter.

(★BREAKING) CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa Revealed To Have Cheated His Way Into Kyunghee University

FNC admitted to him receiving special treatment in his entrance to the PhD program.