Black Lives Matter

South Korean Activists And Foreigners Hold Peaceful Protest In Seoul To Support The “Back Lives Matter” Movement
Sam Okyere Details His Experience With Racism As A Black Man In South Korea
He says things are looking up in the country.
ARMYs Match BTS’s $1 Million Donation To Black Lives Matter Movement
Congrats to ARMY for this achievement!
SM Entertainment Under Fire After Black Producer Of NCT’s “Boss” & “Go” Alleges The Company Underpaid & Disrespected Her
Tiffany Red says SM Entertainment offered her just $66.65 for the rights to NCT Dream’s “Go”.
MONSTA X Joins The Growing List Of K-Pop Idols Who Have Shown Support For The #BlackLivesMatter Movement
More and more K-Pop groups like MONSTA X are supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
BTS Makes Generous Donation to #BlackLivesMatter Movement
The group continues to show their support for the social justice campaign.
Amber Liu Fans Slam Netizens For Cyberbullying And Harassment
Fans are responding to the backlash Amber’s recent post has received.
Amber Liu Fires Back At Haters Who Continue To Attack Her About The #BlackLivesMatter Movement
And the comments beneath it were ridiculous.
CL Shares Her Story About How Black Culture Inspired Her Work As Well As The K-Pop Industry
CL has spoken up.
BTS Speaks Up About Racial Discrimination And Equality To Support #BlackLivesMatter