Won Bin and Lee Na Young are still continuing strong as a couple

A close anonymous source to the couple has come out stating that Won Bin and Lee Na Young are still dating. The source was quoted, “They are still seeing each other. Only they know the details beyond whether they are dating or not, but they are still definitely continuing their love.”

The couple met in 2011 after working under the same company. They soon hit it off and began dating exclusively in 2012. It has now been two years and they have yet to show any signs of trouble in their relationship. They have managed to keep a low profile, but continue to enjoy each other’s company as they go on dates and events together.

Won Bin was last seen on the screen in 2010 with his hit movie The Man from Nowhere. Lee Na Young’s last project was also quite some time ago in 2012 with Howling. Nonetheless, both are still very active in advertisements and photo shoots.

Regarding their long absences from the big screen, an official said, “It isn’t that they are not interested. They are always keeping their options open and are looking for the right piece. They promise to come back with a good piece considering their long absence.”

Source: Daily Sports