TWICE’s Dating Ban Has Been Lifted, Can Now Openly Date

Congratulations, TWICE!

Considering the fact that it has been 3 years since the incredible girl group, TWICE, has debuted, it can be said that they can now openly date!


October 20th marked the 3rd anniversary of TWICE’s debut and they even released a short anniversary video/teaser for their 6th mini album “YES or YES” on this day.


Three years ago, TWICE appeared on Section TV with their producer, Park Jin Young, who clarified that their dating ban will be lifted 3 years from their debut. He even added that he would buy their boyfriends dinner if they brought them.

“[Their dating ban will be lifted] 3 years after their first broadcast. After 3 years, I’ll buy their boyfriends a meal if they bring them.” ㅡ Park Jin Young


At the time, Jihyo made Park Jin Young proud when she expressed that 3 years was too short and that 5 years seemed to be more appropriate.

“It should be more like 5 years than 3.” ㅡ Jihyo


Nonetheless, TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Sana appeared on an episode of Radio Star a year later and indicated that they now had 2 years remaining of their dating ban.


Two years later, it’s finally become 3 years since their debut and fans are extremely happy for them!


With the exciting news, many fans have also made some humorous jokes out of TWICE’s lifted dating ban as well.

Source: Etoday and Star Daily