SuperM’s Taeyong Under Fire For Allegedly Being Homophobic Towards Former Classmate

Netizens are extremely upset.

SuperM’s Taeyong is being heavily criticized after an anonymous post claimed that he wrote a homophobic comment about a former classmate during his school days. The OP uploaded a photo claiming that Taeyong wrote the message in their graduation album.

The writing on the picture translates to:

Everyone was so fun and everyone has such good personalities and I believe that everyone will make it big. But. [Name of student blacked out] won’t make it because [she/he] is gay. I can be sure of that.

—Lee Taeyong


The OP claimed that they decided to share the photo after being enraged by Taeyong’s alleged comment towards a gay classmate.

First of all, I’m a sexual minority. Without showing them the photo, I asked my peers, who are queer, about how they would feel if someone told them that they won’t succeed because they’re gay. They all reacted with extreme anger.

The reason why I’m uploading this is because I was informed of it and I personally took the photo after finding it in the album.

— OP


When the picture began circulating online, netizens quickly jumped to accuse Taeyong of homophobia and bullying.

“He wrote this on a graduation album where everybody can see. The person who publicized this is a sexual minority. Even if the student wasn’t actually gay, Taeyong is still punishable for defamation of character. Taeyong is a criminal.”

“Everybody will succeed but you never will because you’re gay”? Is he crazy? Super M is to advance into the US so I’m sure the US is sensitive about things like this. His character…”

“Why do the fans try to claim that he apologized ㅋㅋ Of course he should apologize. Even if he’s forgiven, his fault still doesn’t disappear. Taeyong said he’s in pain from the guilt but he actually didn’t apologize to his victims? You guys hate it when we say NCT won’t succeed because of Taeyong, but you should be behaving better.”

— K-Netizens


Not long ago, Taeyong was also accused of being a bully during his middle school days, and a former SM trainee had confirmed the accusation. But these rumors had been put to rest as false.

Although this new alleged information has not been proven true or false, netizens are attacking Taeyong based on this one-sided story.

Source: Nate Pann