Sunny reveals her mother is urging her to get married

On the February 5th broadcast of Sunny’s radio show Sunny’s FM Date, the singer spoke about the topic of marriage with her listeners and guest Eddy Kim.

Normally, listeners will call or send in stories about their lives which Sunny and her special guests will discuss on air and offer advice or speak of their own lives in relation to the listeners. During this broadcast, the topic of marriage was brought up when one story said, “My mother is urging me to hurry up [to get married].”

Sunny opened up to her listeners and talked about how she could relate since “My mother is busily urging me to quickly get married and to take it into consideration, but I think that there is still a long way to go [before marriage].

Sunny recently admitted to dating a fellow celebrity on Roommate as the older female members discussed marriage and dating as celebrities. Meanwhile, Eddy Kim recently released the music video for his newest track “My Love.

Source: Newsen