SM Entertainment Officially Responds To Allegations Against Taeyong … Legal Actions Ensue

SM claims strong legal action.

SM Entertainment is set to take firm action against the distortions and mistruths regarding the allegations NCT‘s Taeyong has been wrapped up in. Earlier today, the allegations were debunked and proved to be falsified on certain parts.

On the 24th of June, SM Entertainment put out an official statement that is as follows.

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We will tell you the company’s viewpoint with regards to the content surrounding our artist, Taeyong, that has been circulating on online platforms.

The person that has been posting about the incidents that occurred during Taeyong’s middle school days, is the informant that originally stepped out for the sake of the victim. The informant has been continuously posting things that have not been confirmed and are the informant’s one-sided opinions and distortions.”

“Taeyong has apologized and compensated for the misgivings he has committed in this youth, to the victim.

Despite that, the informant has been continuously mocking Taeyong using distortions and exaggerations that are their one-sided opinions.

The company has recognized this, but due to the fact that the informant is Taeyong’s school mate and friend in his middle school days, as well as that related parties could face a second wave of harm, the company has been holding back in worry that this could also give harm to his middle school mates,.

But due to the repeated distortions, Taeyong and of course, his family, have faced invasions of privacy, personal attack and slander, and in order to protect our artist, we cannot just stand by and watch any longer.

The company will not sit back any longer and will be taking strong legal actions in the name of slander and other crimes, should the malicious posts continue.”

“In addition to this, the company will be swiftly responding to the reproduction and expansion of any unconfirmed content and unlawful acts, including malicious comments, personal attacks and defamation towards Taeyong and his family.

In order to not give any further harm, we request that you stop any further posting including dissemination of rumors, malicious comments and infringement of privacy towards the victim, the informant and anyone else related in Taeyong’s middle school days.

We also wish to inform you that apart from this issue, we have been, and will continue to strengthen monitoring and legal actions in order to protect our artists.

Thank you.”

We hope that now as the incident has been clarified, Taeyong and the victim will be able to have a peace of mind moving forward.