SM Entertainment Releases Statement After Rumors Of NCT Taeyong’s Past Resurface

Read SM’s statement here.

SM Entertainment has finally released their statement about the rumors surrounding NCT’s Taeyong and his past misdeeds in middle school.

In their statement, they reveal that after checking with his middle school records, nothing out of the ordinary was discovered.

In response to the reports about Taeyong from 2009, 10 years ago, we asked Taeyong’s family to check his records and other materials from the middle school in question to find out the exact situation, as his agency.

According to the data, there were no records of any disciplinary action or comments made by the teachers, nor did the parents of the child (reportedly) involved ever have a meeting with his parents.

Taeyong has said in the past that he deeply regrets his actions, behavior, and senseless remarks he made in middle school before he developed his dream of becoming a singer. He has also apologized to everyone he hurt, whether it was during his trainee period before debut, or after debuting.

Even now, he does his best without forgetting to reflect on his own actions.

— SM Entertainment

Yesterday, Taeyong was accused of bullying a classmate, but the poster who uploaded the comments ended up deleting their post.

NCT’s Taeyong Was Accused Of Bullying A Middle School Classmate To The Point Of Self Harm, But Here’s The Real Truth

Later that day, even after the post was deleted, a former SM Entertainment trainee came out to speak against Taeyong.

Former SM Entertainment Trainee Posts Instagram Story Against NCT’s Taeyong

Source: TV Report