Red Velvet’s Wendy revealed to have received an award from President Obama

In an interview with Section TV on August 30th, Red Velvet member Wendy was revealed to have received a certified award from the current U.S. president, Barack Obama.

She revealed, “I received the Obama Presidential Award.”

The Obama Presidential Award is an award given yearly to students with excellent grades. While residing in the U.S. during her middle school years in 8th grade (2009*), Wendy was awarded this prestigious award, receiving a certificate as well as her name engraved at the school’s hall of fame under her birth name Shon Seung Wan.

Wendy is one of the most well-rounded idols with not only strong singing vocals but can play multiple instruments as well including the piano, saxophone, guitar, and the flute.

*The original write up stated she received the award in 2006. It was actually 2009 and has been fixed in an edit.

Source: Star News