LE SSERAFIM’s First Comeback May Have Been Spoiled By A Randomly Uploaded Photo Online—Here’s What Happened

Source Music confirmed their comeback earlier today!

Last May, Source Music girl group LE SSERAFIM made a successful debut with the album FEARLESS, which contained two tracks: “FEARLESS” and “Blue Flame.” Unfortunately, with the controversy of former member Garam, who was accused of being a bully, it was by no means smooth sailing.

Debut photo of LE SSERAFIM as six members

Now that the waves have calmed, fans are eagerly anticipating the group’s first comeback. Many guessed that it’s just around the corner…and their hunches were right!


Earlier today, Source Music confirmed to media outlet Newsen that the girls are gearing up for their comeback. “It is true that LE SSERAFIM is preparing for a comeback. The detailed schedule will be announced later,” they stated.


Some may believe that the announcement was made out of the blue, but several fans speculate that it was because a spoiler photo was randomly uploaded online on August 31. In the published photo, the words “LE SSERAFIM 2ND MINI ALBUM” were printed on a sheet of paper. Given that there’s only been one album released thus far, it aligns perfectly.

It’s also interesting to note that the word “Ruby” was written in the center, followed by the numbers 5-2 and maknae Eunchae‘s name.

Fan-taken photo allegedly spoiling LE SSERAFIM’s comeback | Insight Korea

It quickly spread online, and Source Music didn’t take long to confirm the comeback.

There’s no telling with certainty how real the photograph is, but it sure is damning! Ultimately, fans are just happy that they can soon hear new music from their favorite singers.


Stay tuned for more news on LE SSERAFIM’s first comeback, including the schedule of its release.


Source: Insight