Gaeko celebrates the birth of his daughter

Rapper Gaeko of Dynamic Duo celebrated news of his new born baby daughter through his SNS on January of 12th (KST).

He posted a picture of his wife’s birth bracelet with his original name Kim Yun Seong as well as his wife’s name Kim Su Mi. His post also contained the caption, “hello! 2015.01.11.”

Gaeko’s wife Kim Su Mi gave birth to a healthy daughter at 6:26 PM on January 11th (KST). Reportedly, both the baby and the mother are very healthy. The daughter, whose baby name is Seo Ah, was born with 2.76 kg weight.

Meanwhile, this is the couple’s second child after the birth of their son Kim Rhythm in 2011. Congratulations to the couple with a lovely princess baby to the family!

Source: Dispatch