Fans Can’t Help But Smile At N.Flying’s Seunghyub Helping An Elderly Man

We all need more of him in our lives!

A video of N.flying‘s Seunghyub helping an older man use his phone was captured during his live online broadcast.

The video shows Seunghyub doing an online broadcast when an older man suddenly approaches him, asking why he can’t see his photos on his phone. Seungyub stops his broadcast and kindly explains to the man how to access the gallery on his phone, describing the shape of the buttons on the screen.



Fans are swooning over his sweet gesture to help the old man.















Others just can’t handle how sexy his voice is!




This is not the first time Seunghyub has helped someone out. Earlier this May, he held an Instagram live broadcast and helped a frightened fan who had drunk men following her.


We all need more people like Seunghyub in this world!

Source: theqoo