EXO-L All Over The World Are Holding Events To Show Their Support For Chen

Fans have started a new campaign of positivity:

EXO-Ls all over the world have been organizing events to show their love and support for EXO‘s Chen.


On January 19 KST, Korean EXO-L held a physical protest in front of SMTOWN Coex Atrium to voice their opinions about withdrawing Chen from EXO. In response to their protest, however, fans all over the world have been uniting for a new campaign to show their support for him!


Through this new campaign, EXO-L all over the world have been organizing fan meetings and rallies to show their support for Chen. At the time this article was written, EXO-Ls everywhere from Argentina to Indonesia and the Phillippines have already held events in support of Chen!


At each of these events, huge numbers of EXO-L have turned out to spread positivity, love, and support!


In addition to these fan events, EXO-L have also continued showing support for Chen with multiple positive hashtags!


It’s truly heart-warming to see how much EXO-L love and support EXO!

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