Dispatch Reveals How NCT Taeyong Changed From His Past, His Kind Nature, and the Informant’s Edited Kakao Chats

Taeyong has changed from his past, and become a great man.

Dispatch has revealed how Taeyong has changed from his past, his kind nature now, and how the Informant edited the chat logs to make him look bad.

Currently, NCT‘s Taeyong is embroiled in a scandal where some of his past actions are being brought back to light with new chat logs, but some of these claims are actually different from the truth. To start with, Dispatch carried out an investigation into what happened in Taeyong’s past, and investigated the KakaoTalk chat logs as well. Koreaboo will provide a translation of their investigation.

May 2, 2009 – Middle School Taeyong

This is the first incident Taeyong was involved in. He left a comment on a class board when he was in his 2nd year of middle school (8th grade).

Wow. There’s 10 people here, but it looks like there are 13.

— Taeyong

Nearly 10 years passed since that incident, but on September 17, 2019, Informant B made an online post about Taeyong, saying they were the operator of the school board and that they were also ignorant of larger people at the time, they were sorry to bring up the past, but Taeyong’s words at the time were wrong.

Following this, Taeyong issued an apology through SM Entertainment, in October 2019, stating he deeply regrets his insensitive behavior in the past, and will not forget the feeling of reflecting on his actions. He even personally visited the victim to try and settle the issue. Taeyong’s side also provided compensation to the victim, and decided on confidentiality regarding details of their settlement.

With this settlement, all was quiet until June 2020.

June 2020 – Informant B reemerges

Informant B reentered the spotlight in June 2020, asking fans to control themselves as it was getting difficult for them too. Then the informant pointed fingers at Taeyong, claiming he did things and wasn’t sincere in his apology.

Taeyong wasn’t sincere in his apology.

— Informant B

The Informant also provided a chat log to support their claim.

Victim: When I came in crying, crossed my legs, and looked out the window… at the time I hoped to meet you and wanted to get a sincere apology, there was no pretense and I just wanted to be friends again like before, so I’m sending this long text.

Taeyong: Thank you for worrying about my health. I will keep being careful and managing it well ^^

In this chat log, it appears that Taeyong is not showing any sincerity while apologizing, and doesn’t even mention “sorry”. However, Dispatch discovered that the chat logs posted by Informant B were edited. Just minutes prior, the victim was worried about Taeyong’s health, hence Taeyong’s reply.

Victim: Is your back okay? It seems like you are always saying it’s okay.

Victim: My mom also says because of [back pains], getting on and off things can be hard. Don’t go running from one goal to the next while also struggling. Go little by little and also take a rest too.

Victim: To be honest, when the people around me say that your apology was a lie, I tell them that’s definitely not the case. I believe that your apology was sincere, as you even showed the top of your head when apologizing. That’s when I knew it was sincere.

Dispatch stated that Informant B purposely cropped out the discussion about Taeyong’s back to make it look like Taeyong was not interested in apologizing, and only talking about unrelated matters.

Back in time to when the victim and Taeyong first met, and their chats.

How did the first meeting between Taeyong and the victim go then? On October 11, 2019, Taeyong and the victim met for the first time. The following chat log appears to have been from after their meeting.

Victim: Uh… I am [Victim]. Looking at my phone camera… why are my eyes uneven… Thank you for pretending not to notice.

Taeyong: Once again, I want to say I am sorry, and please look after me. We may not be able to talk often and please understand if I cannot respond right away, and please continue to support me. Thank you.

Victim: But still, in the end since I’m worried about your body, don’t be hurt and if you are, go to the hospital!!!!!!!!! Back discs really hurt so don’t hold it in and have it become a bigger problem ㅠㅠ

Taeyong: Ok thanks. I will always take care of my body. Thank you for giving me strength.

Victim: After yesterday’s matter, I don’t want for us to be awkward with each other and I really wish to be close friends and chat with you comfortably. If you are uncomfortable with that, you don’t have to agree, it’s okay. Your thoughts and opinions are important and I want to respect that.

Taeyong: Thank you for asking like this, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. But because of work, I can’t chat often and can’t reply immediately. I think you can understand that aspect!! I’ll see you at our next concert.

Taeyong kept his promise to keep in touch with the victim, messaging the victim first in May 2020, and even keeping his promise of seeing the Victim at their next concert.

May 15, 2020

Taeyong: Hello! It’s Taeyong. Have you been well?

Victim: Yep, right now I’m watching baseball!

Taeyong: I see ^^ Last time I said I would invite you to our concert. But because of the Coronavirus, we can’t do a real concert, so it has to be an online concert. It is at Sunday 3 pm, and you can watch it on V Live. Tomorrow or the day after, I will send you a code. Will it be at the same time as baseball? See if you have time.

May 17, 2020

Victim: Maybe I can’t see it because I turned off KakaoTalk or other messenger app notifications? So I think text message will be the fastest. I’d be thankful if you send it again through text message.

Taeyong: Ah okay, I got it, I’ll send it in a text message.

Same day, via text message

Taeyong: It’s a shame that I can’t invite you to our concert. If you search in the V Live app, there is a store and there is also a code coupon entry section. You can put in the code there. “KSJ20OMJ21”

Victim: Got it. These days, doing a new and fresh untact concert… do well!

Taeyong: Yep, thanks. Take care of your health too~

Informant B vs Reality – Claims against Taeyong donating and volunteering

Informant B also pointed out Taeyong’s inconsistency in his words. Taeyong promised to donate continuously, but the informant stated that they don’t know whether Taeyong has kept his promise.

However, according to Dispatch’s investigation, Taeyong has been continuously donating at least ₩1 million KRW a month ($832 USD), every month since April 2016. This totals to over ₩50 million KRW. He has also served in a group that supports underprivileged students. Below is Dispatch’s findings for Taeyong’s volunteer and donation activities.


February: Gangnam Senior Citizen’s Welfare – Food distribution

March: Bondong Community Welfare Center – Improvement of Living Conditions

April-June, August, and December: All Love School – Talent Donation


March: Red Cross Youth

April: All Love School – Talent Donation

June: All Love School – Talent Donation

July: All Love School – Talent Donation

September-October: All Love School – Talent Donation


April: Meeting For Writers With Developmental Disabilities – Talent Donation

June-July: All Love School – Talent Donation

September: Suseo Social Welfare Center – Lunch Distribution and Cleanup

November: Suseo Social Welfare Center – Lunch Distribution and Cleanup


March: Seocho Senior Care Center – 1 on 1 mealtime assistance


April 2016 to Present – at least ₩1 million KRW to the All Love School

The principal of All Love School also commented on Taeyong’s kindness.

Taeyong is sponsoring the children at our school. Everyone wants a scholarship from him. He was careful about it, he doesn’t want the children who get the scholarship disclosed as they might get hurt now, or in the future when they grow up. The amount is not important to him. I never thought someone of Taeyong’s age would be supporting scholarships for others.

— All Love School Principal

And finally, A Dispatch fact check

It is true that Taeyong was rude about his friend’s appearance in middle school. It’s true the victim was hurt by the comment. It’s true Taeyong said he will try to correct his mistakes from his past. The heart of the controversy is these words and actions he did. The other stuff, such as making fun of a classmate’s gay demeanor or the self-harm controversy regarding another student, those are all distorted claims. Only Informant B is claiming such things.

Dispatch was able to secure testimonies from people involved in both the self-harm incident and the gay demeanor case.

As the teacher of the class, I remember exactly what happened at the time. Taeyong had nothing to do with the self-harm incident. I am saying this with a teacher’s conscience.

— Class teacher

I was there at the time. Taeyong never acted in a way that would be a problem. It’s not true that the victim threw a chair at Taeyong either.

— Witness C

I didn’t feel bad about it. It was when we were young. You know, close friends make those kinds of jokes. Moreover, I didn’t care at all because I know I am not gay. But that Informant B is very unpleasant. I haven’t even seen that person. I don’t know that person. That person just posted my graduation album rolling paper without any permission. If you read this article, please find my contact information and apologize to me directly.

— Rolling Paper controversy victim

In response to this, SM Entertainment has also stated that they can no longer tolerate the Informant’s claims, and will be taking legal action.

Source: Dispatch