Chansung to be excluded from 2PM’s concert press conference and hi-touch event in Guangzhou, China

JYP Entertainment issues a statement regarding Chansung’s absence for 2PM’s upcoming fan events in Guangzhou, China. 

On November 27th, the agency updated their official Weibo account with a message confirming Chansung’s absence saying, “Hi everyone, due to Chansung’s own set of schedules, he will not be able to attend 2PM’s press conference and hi-touch events for as part of their concert promotions.” Expressing their regret and apologies, they further explained that fans should look forward on his spectacular performances during the concert on November 29th instead.

Meanwhile, 2PM continues to meet with their fans as they visit Guangzhou, China as part of their Go Crazy World Tour 2014, while Chansung is also busy promoting the film Five Siblings in Deoksu Village.

Photo: JYP Entertainment's Weibo

Source: JYP Entertainment’s Weibo