BTS’s Jin Learned That Being A Cameraman Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

He went from idol to camera operator backstage at BTS’s concert.

Are you dreaming of becoming a camera operator for BTS? Then don’t take any pointers from Jin!

In Episode 4 of Break The Silence, the members shared more backstage stories and insights from their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF tour. While in Chicago, Jin went from idol to cameraman, and let’s just say, he shouldn’t quit his day job!

Jin struggled to hold the camera steady, so much so that Suga didn’t know where to look.

When Jin moved on to interview J-Hope, technology was still out to sabotage him.

(Thankfully, J-Hope is much stable on stage than this wonky camera is!)

After reciting an acrostic poem about ARMY, J-Hope tried to make a dramatic exit, but Jin’s camera had its own plans.

Unfortunately, there was no time for a reshoot!

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