A-JAX’s Jaehyung to enlist in the military next week

DSP Media confirms the mandatory military enlistment of AJAX member Seo Jaehyung

On January 2nd, DSP Media confirmed the news through a message on their official fan cafe and website as they state that Jaehyung will be enlisting for his mandatory military training after his passing physical evaluation. He will be foregoing any scheduled activities with the rest of the group as he makes his enlistment at Nonsan Training Camp on January 8th.

Jaehyung will be undergoing 23 months of training as a public service agent after four weeks of basic military training.

Since news of his enlistment emerged, he has updated fans through Twitter with a special handwritten message, further asking them to continue their support for A-JAX despite his absence.

Jaehyung was last seen promoting “White Letter” as a special single release together with A-JAX and the rest of DSP Media’s artists last year.

Source: SportsSeoul