Over 100 police officers dispatched to Lee Kwang Soo’s Vietnam fan sign event

Actor Lee Kwang Soo recently visited Vietnam for a fan sign event, following stops in Hong Kong and Macau, where it was reported that over 100 police officers were dispatched due to the immense crowd building up. 

The fan sign event occurred on January 24th at Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City, in Caffe Bene, and was successfully completed. In photos released from the event, Lee Kwang Soo’s charming and gentle nature is revealed as he wears a simple, casual outfit consisted of a striped shirt beneath a simply decorated, but chic dark jacket and jeans.

From early morning on, over 2,000 fans were reported to have swamped the event arena, paralyzing the streets as cars were unable to pass through. Due to this, over 100 police officers, in addition to security personnel, were dispatched for safety reasons.

One official revealed, “Including Vietnam, actor Lee Kwang Soo has enjoyed immense popularity in Southeast Asia, and recently participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony with a fan meet. The crowd that appeared was more than we had initially anticipated, and we were able to realize the popularity of ‘Hallyu Star” Lee Kwang Soo.”

In light of Lee Kwang Soo’s latest fan meet, it has proven his current status as “Asia’s Prince.”

Source: The Chosun Star