100 High School Students Get Into Giant Gang Fight

Over 100 Korean high school students got involved in a giant gang fight over an argument on social media.

A gang fight scene between high school students from the film Once Upon a Time in High School.

Incheon Police revealed they’re currently investigating 30 high schoolers from Incheon for starting a gang fight.

Image Source: Incheon Namdong Police

Student A (16) from Incheon started the fight online against the students of Siheung, stating he’ll “teach them a lesson”.

Cyber bullying is also quite common among students in Korea. Image source: KBS

Despite the multiple punches and kicks that were thrown at each other, no students were seriously injured.

A school fight scene in the film Once Upon a Time in High School.

The students reportedly organized another gang fight to take place at the end of the month, but were shut down after police obtained intelligence.

A school fight scene from Once Upon a Time in High School.

The Committee on School Violence will be discussing measures against school violence with the students involved once investigations are over.

Image Source: Chunghak High School

Source: Yonhap News