June 23rd

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals Which Junior Groups Have Caught Her Eyes Lately

She has great taste!

TXT’s Reveals Their Feelings Toward Being Named “4th-Generation It Boys”

They definitely deserve the title!

Brave Girls Confess That They Haven’t Been Paid Their Earnings Yet

But, their CEO surprised them with a little something.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals The Touching, Personal Reason Why She Posts On Social Media So Often

She’s such a sweetheart 💜

KBS Music Bank Announces 2021 Half-Year Special “Heroes vs Villains” — Here Are The Artists On Each Side

Which side is your bias on?

Lee Soo Man’s Past Interview About K-Pop’s “Revival In China” Receives Immense Backlash

He’s being called a “traitor.”

Scooter Braun Reveals How He’s Been Working With Bang Si Hyuk Since HYBE Acquired Ithaca Holdings

HYBE America bought out the Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande management company almost three months ago.

You’ll Never Believe How Idols’ Photocard Photos Are Actually Taken

It’s not what you’d expect…

Pledis Entertainment Gifts SEVENTEEN iPad Pros And Other Goodies For Quarantine

The staff wanted to ensure they had a comfortable stay!

MONSTA X’s I.M Chops Off His Long Hair Leaving Fans In Shock

Goodbye, long-haired I.M!