10+ Times BTS’s Jimin Was The Most Dramatic Person On Planet Earth

Behold the drama king at his peak!

BTS‘s Jimin is not what you’d call “subtle”. His reactions and emotions are always over the top, and we love him for it! Here are 10+ of Jimin’s most dramatic moments yet.

1. When he cried, “Oh, my eyes! Oh, my eyes!” in an interview

2. Jungkook accidentally bumped Jimin’s belly so, naturally, Jimin keeled over

3. That time he threw his gloves away…

…and a little girl walked all over on them

4. When cute clothes made him gasp 

5. When Suga ignored his “peak” drama

6. Screaming in a gallery, because why not?

7. This exaggerated expression

8. This “I’m so done with you” sigh

9. When he “almost died” on a ride

10. When he actually “died” in the Mafia game

11. Another GASP, but in all caps

12. When he acted like this while getting his arm measured

13. This over the top exit

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