20+ Most Relatable Fan Reactions To BLACKPINK’s Epic “Shut Down” Music Video

#15 was iconic!

BLACKPINK has finally returned to the music scene with their second full length album BORN PINK. Their title track, “Shut Down,” has been long awaited by fans from all over the world, and it did not disappoint!

Check out their most relatable reactions to its music video below.

1. When the start was already epic

2. When they started their first lines perfectly

3. When they referenced their past music videos

4. When everyone served top class visuals

5. When Jennie was out for our hearts

6. When Rosé was on top of the world

7. When Lisa was iconic

8. When Jisoo served top class visuals

9. When they all left us speechless

10. When Lisa made us blush

11. When Rosé made us stop and stare

12. When Jennie was the definition of a main rapper

13. When Jennie and Lisa were a top rap duo

14. When Rosé took our breaths away

15. When Jennie was back on her throne

16. When the entire title track was solid

17. When the rap line was smoking hot

18. When Jisoo’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” character came back confident

19. When Love was the most precious dog ever

20. When they only stated the truth

21. When all of the lyrics were meaningful

22. When Jisoo slayed in the center of the dance

23. And finally, when everything was perfect from start to finish

Check out the full music video below if you haven’t yet!

Source: YouTube