The Internet Is Forever

The Internet Is Forever

Is BTS’s V Really “New” To Instagram? ARMY’s Dropping Receipts 

Stan account? Wbk.

BTS V’s Advice For Suga Backfires On Instagram, And We Can’t Stop Laughing  

They’re struggling…just a little.

BTS Suga’s Delete Game Is Strong, But ARMY Is Stronger

The internet is forever.

BTS’s RM Learns The Internet Is Forever With His Latest Twitter Struggle

Classic Namjoon! 😂

If Anyone’s Wishing That The Internet Isn’t Forever, It’s BTS’s Jin 

Here’s how he reacted to a blast from the past.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Breaks The Internet With Her Dance Cover… But It’s Only Here For A Few More Hours

Jennie absolutely slayed this choreo!

BTS’s J-Hope Deletes His Post For Jungkook’s Birthday Only To Re-Upload It A Few Minutes Later With A Slight Difference

He thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did!

Stray Kids’ I.N Chaotically Ties Record For The Group’s Shortest VLIVE Ever… Then Deletes The Evidence

It disappeared without a trace! (Except for on Twitter, of course.)

15 Deleted BTS V Posts That Prove The Internet Is Forever

Fans saved these posts faster than he could delete them.

BTS’s V Posts and Immediately Deletes His Hilarious Dance To “Butter”

The internet is forever!