Wanna One

Kang Daniel Reveals That Watching Singers Perform Gave Him Motivation During A Period Of Depression

It brought back his desire to perform!

Netizen That Falsely Claimed Former Wanna One’s Park Jihoon Bullied Him Revealed To Be A 28 Year Old Office Worker

His lawyer told all.

Kim Jae Hwan Proves That Anyone Can Dance Well With The Right Training

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Former Wanna One Yoon Jisung’s Family Portrait Will Have You Rolling On The Floor With Laughter

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Ong Seongwoo Gives Heartfelt Advice To A 40 Year Old Fan Who’s Going On Her First Blind Date

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Former Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Caught On Camera For Calling Alleged Passersby Crazy

Some refute the claim.

Staff Member Attacks Lai Guanlin’s Character In Now-Deleted Post

The post has gone viral despite having been deleted shortly afterward.

Former Wanna One Member Park Ji Hoon Coolly Admits That He Sucks At Math

No shame here!

Former Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin Further Angers Fans With Handwritten Apology

Fans are outraged.

Former Wanna One Lai Guanlin’s Alleged Girlfriend Gets Exposed By A Fansite After The Fansite Was Angered By Him

The fansite took to her account to post the accusations.