Korean Government Appoints LOONA The New 2021 Global Culture Ambassadors For South Korea

They’re the first girl group to receive this prestigious role!

LOONA Reportedly Preparing For A Comeback

The release date has not yet been announced.

LOONA’s Heejin Reveals Why She’s Put Her Plans For Acting On Hold For Now

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Sneak Peak Suggests LOONA’s Chuu Will Follow TWICE As The New Endorser For Pocari Sweat

She fits the brand perfectly 💙

LOONA Just Hit An Impressive Billboard Milestone That Only BLACKPINK Has Achieved Before

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LOONA’s Chuu Reveals The Cute Story Behind Her Candid Subway Photo

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LOONA’s Chuu Reveals Her Top Tip For Newbie Orbits Struggling To Get The “LOONAVERSE”

Now you have no excuse not to “STAN LOONA”.

LOONA’s Chuu Reveals How Her Iconic “Apple Heart” Was Created

Chuu showed off her newest heart creation too!

LOONA Chuu’s School Violence Accuser Posts A Formal Apology

“I exaggerated.”