CLC’s Seunghee Has Aspirations For Her Future But They May Not Just Involve Singing

We can definitely see her nailing this!

CLC’s Sorn Opens Up About Needing A Break From Korea As A Foreign Idol

Sorn hasn’t been home in two years because of pandemic restrictions 😔

CLC’s Sorn Calls On Fans To Stop Using Fu Yaning’s Diss To Yujin From “Girls Planet 999”

A harmless meme or a joke gone too far among fans?

CLC’s Sorn Uploads New “Produsorn” Video After Her YouTube Channel’s Content Was Erased

She’s back!

Choi Yujin Personally Confirms CLC Has All But Disbanded

She made the announcement on broadcast.

CLC’s Yujin Responds To The Diss Of Chinese Trainee Fu Yaning In The Classiest Way

Professionalism at its finest.

Fans Criticize “Girls Planet 999” For Using CLC Yujin’s Pain To Increase Ratings

“How do you go from Yujin crying, zooming in on her bruised toes, then cut to a clip of some trainee twerking in the dorms?”

CLC’s Yujin Gets Dissed By Chinese Trainee Fu Yaning In “Girls Planet 999” Preview

Fans are NOT happy.

CLC’s Sorn Fasted During Ramadan To Return Support To Muslim Community

She fasted with her friends.

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