Block B

Block B’s B-Bomb Discharged From Military, Plans To Meet Fans Through Special Live Broadcast

He’s back!

Song Ha Yea’s Agency CEO Allegedly Was Behind The Exposure Of Block B Park Kyung’s School Violence Due To Him Accusing Her Of Sajaegi

“I’ll make sure he can never step a foot into the industry again.”

Block B’s Park Kyung To Enlist In The Military On October 19

His time has come.

Zico’s Past Remarks Resurface In Light Of Block B Park Kyung’s Bullying Controversy

They’re known to be best friends.

Block B’s Park Kyung Personally Admits To School Violence And Bullying

He claims he was a victim before he became a bully.

Block B’s Park Kyung Slapped With A Fine For Revealing Names Of Singers Accused Of Chart Manipulation

He only had good intentions.

Block B’s Zico Makes Ordinary Clothes Look Amazing In Photoshoot For “Polham”

These photos are proof that Zico looks good in anything.

KQ Entertainment Promises To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters Against BLOCK B, ATEEZ, And Other Artists

They won’t put up with it anymore.

Zico Quietly Enlists In The Military Today For His Mandatory Services

Please return safe!

ZICO To Enlist In The Military Next Week

Serve well, ZICO.