“We Got Married” newest couple Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu awkwardly meet for the first time

The newest virtual couple of We Got Married has joined with comedian Jo Se Ho and FIESTAR‘s Cao Lu unveiling their identities to one another and meeting for the very first time.

Aired on March 5th, Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu officially joins as the third couple of the show along with Yook Sung Jae- Joy and Kwak Si Yang-Kim So Yeon.

Meeting at the clock tower at the Han River, Cao Lu revealed her hopes that her husband can be a leader, saying, “I like men who are like the head of the family.  I like people who are able to lead me.”

With Jo Se Ho’s back to Cao Lu, the two recite each other poetry before seeing each other face to face. In a side interview with the crew, Cao Lu stated she had thought the meeting at first was a hidden camera, adding, “My husband seemed a little embarrassed. But I think he’s happy because I’m pretty.”

Following their meeting, the two discussed about their honeymoon of which Cao Lu said, “My husband seemed more nervous than I.”

Additionally, Jo Se Ho met the other FIESTAR members before the new virtual couple headed out to the photo studio to shoot their wedding photos.

Check out their interaction below!

Source: X Sports News