SISTAR’s Soyou and Bora show fans their workouts on “Showtime”

On January 8th, SISTAR’s Soyou and Bora revealed their workouts to fans on their first episode of MBC‘s Showtime

Even among idols, whose constant workouts and dance practices help keep them fit and in shape, the members of popular girl group SISTAR are widely regarded as having some of the best bodies in all of K-pop. On their first episode as the featured artists on MBC’s Showtime, members Soyou and Bora took the show to the gym to give viewers a look into the workout regimen that helps maintain their famous bodies.

Dressed in proper gym attire, the two SISTAR members proudly showed off their workout schedule step by step for viewers, progressing from simpler movements to more difficult exercises.

In addition to showing resilience and dedication to their workout regimen, the girls also impressed viewers with their abdominal strength, which was evident as they performed planks using the Total Resistance eXercise (TRX) equipment.

On January 8th, Bora also shared a message to fans, urging them to watch the show and support SISTAR. The singer even promised a free hug event for fans if the ratings for the episode surpassed 2.3%.

SISTAR’s Showtime will be available to watch on MBC every1 with new episodes airing weekly on Thursday’s.

2014 International Hallyu Awards (2014IHA)
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Source: Sports Chosun