S.E.S’ Shoo shows her close relationship with Sunny on “Roommate 2”

Shoo of legendary girl group S.E.S. made a guest appearance on the SBS variety show Roommate Season 2 with her twin daughters on the episode broadcast on January 20th. During her visit, she and Girl’s Generation’s Sunny shared their history and showed their close relationship with one another.

Upon Shoo’s arrival at the Roommate Season 2 share house, the members introduced themselves to Shoo and her twins. When Sunny introduced herself saying, “I am Sunny of Girl’s Generation,” Shoo responded, “I know you. I saw Sunny for the first time when she was in the third grade. Since we’re both in SM (Entertainment)…”

Shoo also asked, “Do you remember me from then? The Sunny I remember grew like this.” To which Sunny replied, “Of course I remember. When I was young, Shoo stuck a sticker on my glasses. I kept the sticker on there and walked around.”

The full Roommate Season 2 episode containing Shoo’s visit to the share house was broadcast on January 20th on SBS.

Source: Ten Asia