NU’EST’s Aron pleads to fans after Ren’s bag goes missing in Thailand

NU’EST’s Aron pleads to fans on Instagram after it was discovered that fellow member Ren’s bag went missing upon arrival at Ubon Ratchathani Airport in Thailand. 

On January 31st, Aron updated his personal Instagram account alerting fans of the incident with a statement saying, “Tonight as we were getting out of the airport in ubon, Ren lost his bag. if anyone has seen or finds the bag in the picture, please return it! thank you very much!#nuest #aron #ren #goyard #clutchbag #thailand,” along with a photo of it.

Succeeding comments from Aron revealed that they still haven’t found the bag as of yet and pleading for it to be returned. The bag is described to contain all of Ren’s personal belongings.

The topic has been a hot topic amongst fans on various SNS portals as they continue searching for the item, also pleading for it to be returned. It was revealed that the bag was last seen with Ren upon arrival at the airport through number of fan taken photos with the incident already reported to the police.

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