Miss $ teases with highlight video of “Don’t Speak Without Soul” single

Miss $‘s comeback is almost here as the female duo shared the latest teaser for their single, Don’t Speak Without Soul.

On March 5th, a short highlight of the upcoming single was released via BrandNew Music‘s Facebook, revealing the single’s cover as well. The track is revealed to be a medium-uptempo track with a trendy sound. Additionally, the music video for the song will feature the two members acting for the first time as well as this single being the first released as a duo.

Miss $ is a hip-hop female duo consisting of Jace and Kang Min Hee.

In other news, Jace recently announced that she will be getting married at the end of the month, making the release of her group’s newest single even more exciting as it is their first release in over two years.

Don’t Speak Without Soul will be released on March 8th.

[영상/VIDEO] 미스에스 '영혼없이 말하지마'의 하이라이트 구간이 공개되었습니다.미스에스 '영혼없이 말하지마' 2016.03.08 정오 발매

Posted by BRAND NEW MUSIC on Saturday, March 5, 2016