Luhan snaps a photo with the cast of “20 Once Again” at Taiwan Premiere

On January 19th, Luhan posed with his 20 Once Again co-stars, Yang Zhi San, Director Chen Zhen Dao, and the main protagonist of the movie played by Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin.

Director Chen later revealed through their official Weibo that the photo was taken at the Taiwanese premiere of the film which took place earlier that day.

Luhan and his fellow castmates demonstrated their close relationship with their director by posing with comical expressions. Chen Bolin is even seen putting his hand on Luhan’s shoulders!

20 Once Again is a Chinese adaptation of the Korean hit Miss Granny and was released on the 9th in China. The film has garnered much attention and rave reviews and will be opening in Taiwan on the 23rd.

The movie revealed more behind the scenes photos and interviews upon the release of the movie, giving viewers a better understanding of how the movie was filmed and the cast’s take on the movie.

In other news, the former EXO member recently entered mediation with SM Entertainment  but was still unable to reach an agreement. However, Luhan’s popularity has continued to grow as he received the “God Award” and “Weibo King” award at Sina Weibo Night along with Miss A’s Suzy. 

Source: TV Daily