Kim Rae Won reveals he lost 15kg in two months for “Gangnam 1970”

Actor Kim Rae Won spoke on losing approximately 15kg (about 33lbs) in two months for the filming of Gangnam 1970 during a recent movie conference,  and spilled on his diet tips!

On the afternoon of January 8th, Naver Movies held a movie talk with the cast of the aspired film Gangnam 19970. Kim Rae Won mentioned about his diet for the movie, saying “On the first stage, I lost 10kg. But directer Yu Ha said, ‘It is good enough but could be better for the role if you lost an additional 5 kg.'”

When the press asked for a weight loss tip for losing weight in such a short period of time, Kim Rae Won explained, “I simply controlled my diet and regular work outs.”

Meanwhile, Gangnam 1970 is based on two men’s ambition, friendship, and betrayal during the 1970s in Seoul, starring actors Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, and AOA’s Kim Seolhyun. The film is set to come to theatres in Korea on January 21st.

Source: TV Report