Jay Park talks about Simon D on “4 Things Show”

As both rapper and CEO partners for AOMG, Jay Park talks about Simon D on Mnet‘s 4 Things Show Season 2.

On the January 16th, 4 Things Show aired a preview hinting rapper Dok2‘s appearance for the upcoming episode on January 20th. Rapper Beenzino asks, “Are you really close with Simon D?” and Dok2 follows to question that, “It is known that Jay Park and Simon D only knew each other for a brief period of time, until Simon D became a co-CEO.”

Jay Park answers in the preview footage, “This is somewhat difficult to answer… I mean it’s not my solo ‘4 Things Show.’ Well isn’t it a little weird if Simon D comes in as an artist? Simon D hyung has been doing a lot until now too.”

Jay Park continued to explain, “I respect Simon D hyung as an artist and rapper, so it was easy to ask him to become co-CEOs. I never regretted it either. I have my personal things too and it feels good to have hyung with me.”

Don’t miss the full episode airing on January 20th!

Source: Newsen