JAWI drops pursuit of the three Malaysian girls involved in recent B1A4 incident

The Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (JAWI) has admitted to seizing its pursuit for the three young tudung-clad women, who were recently involved in a so-called “molestation” controversy that sprouted after a short clip from the Let’s Fly with B1A4 fan meet held in Kuala Lumpur went viral online.

On January 19th, JAWI announced that it can no longer seek after the three Malaysian girls, who were seen hugging and sharing friendly skinship with the B1A4 members during a fan meet, due to the lapse of time that the religious authorities were given to arrest these young women.

Although director Paimuzi Yahya stated on the 12th that his department would arrest, and could possibly jail, the three young women for their extreme, dishonorable, and shameful actions against Islamic teachings, he released a second statement on the 19th saying that the JAWI no longer has the legal authority to detain these young girls due to the statute of limitations.

Paimuzi disclosed to Malay Mail Online, “There is nothing we (JAWI) can do. Nothing. If they turn up, we can give them advice. But if they don’t, and for now, they have not turned up, we cannot do anything.

He also added, “They have not come here, so we feel that perhaps they (the girls) have been advised by other people.

B1A4’s agency, WM Entertainment, has since released an immediate official statement after the eruption of the controversy, speaking up that consent was received by the participants before the fan event game even started. The agency also apologized for the misunderstandings, further assuring that they will take better and more careful considerations of cultural differences when traveling to other countries in the future.

Source: The Malay Mail Online