[★TRENDING] Actress Kim Yoo Jung’s “Up & Down” school festival video goes VIRAL

Video of actress Kim Yoo Jung dancing to EXID‘s “Up & Down” is going viral in Korea.

A new video has recently surfaced of actress Kim Yoo Jung enjoying a school talent show. Although this video was taken last year, the video has only recently started to go viral and has gained over a million views in two weeks.

In the video, she not only dances to “Up & Down” but 4MINUTE Hyuna‘s “Red” as well.

Due to her young age, however, many Korean netizens showed mixed feelings towards the video containing her provocative dance. Some claimed that she is too young and that seeing young students follow provocative dances weren’t appropriate. Others defended her decision to enjoy the school festival with her friends at school.

Tell us what you think after watching the videos below!

Close up:


Full Video:

Source: Youtube