BTS’s V Wanted To Have Drinks With J-Hope And Jin, But He Was Already With Them The Whole Time

Major plot twist incoming!

Here’s Why TWICE Fought So Hard Against JYP Entertainment To Release “Cry For Me,” According To Sana And Jihyo

“The agency was hesitant…”

ARMYs Are Creating Multi-Fan Accounts Dedicated To BTS And International Celebrities

It’s a new trend on Twitter!

BTS’s Jin Needs Some Help Using Instagram, But Even J-Hope Doesn’t Know What To Do

Someone call V for help!

Here’s Why It Was So Meaningful For “Street Dance Girls Fighter” Dancer Nain That BTS’s Jungkook Chose Her YouTube Name

Her reaction was relatable AF!

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ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Had A Surprising Answer When Choosing Which Is More Fun—Figure Skating Then Versus Now

He recently skated in front of his members.

Here’s The Inspiring Reason VICTON Are Being Praised For Their Environmentally Friendly Approach To Their Latest Comeback

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ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Names TXT As His New Workout Buddies—Here’s Why He Loves Having Them Around

We love their friendship!

BTS’s Jin Proves Just How Precious He Really Is By Delivering Strawberries To His Pregnant Sister-In-Law

The “best brother-in-law” award goes to…

Apink Fan Heavily Criticizes Son Naeun’s Decision To Not Partake In The Group’s Special Album Promotions

They are completely fed up.

Industry Insiders Reveal The Alleged Reason Why “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A Ended Up Buying Fake Designer Goods

Do you agree with them?

EXO’s Chen And His Wife Welcome The Birth Of Their Second Child

Congratulations to Chen and his family!

Fans Suspect NCT DREAM Might Be Having A Comeback And Here’s Why

They (mostly) tried their best to hide their hair…

ITZY’s Yeji Has Stunned Fans With Her Surprising New Haircut

She somehow looks even more stunning!

WayV’s Winwin Is Not Normally Clingy — But That Didn’t Stop Him From Easily Melting His Members’ Hearts

“He doesn’t usually say things like this” — Kun

“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A Accused Of Passing Off Fake Luxury Goods As Real In Haul Videos

She showed them off in her haul videos.

Lovelyz’s Mijoo Hilariously Recalls When She Felt Betrayed By An NCT Fan For Not Stanning Her First

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20 BTS Fan Struggles That New ARMYs Will Never Understand

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ARMYs Want To See These Kind Of Seriously Epic “Run BTS!” Episodes

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BTS’s V Says His Self-Designed Bag Can Be Used As A Dog Carrier, So An ARMY Put It To The Test

Do you think he carries Yeontan in the bag?

“Single’s Inferno” Hyun Seung Spills On Why He Didn’t Choose An Yea Won, And Even BTOB’s Peniel Doesn’t Understand

Was she the one who got away?

“Single’s Inferno” Kim Hyun Joong Receives Backlash For Unfollowing Song Ji A After Her Fake Designer Wear Controversy

Trouble in paradise?

Actor Hwang In Yeop Is Going To Be In A New K-Drama And It’s Very Different From “True Beauty”

We can’t wait to see him play a darker role!

Wanna Feel Old? The Little Girl From “BTS WORLD” Is All Grown Up Now

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