EXO’s Xiumin Tests Positive For COVID-19

He will halt all activities.

A Few Of The (Subjectively) Questionable Foods BTS’s Jungkook Likes

It’s the coriander for us.

Netizens Suspect Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In Have Broken Up — Their Agencies Release Statements

Their agencies speak up.

BTS Has The Best Answer To Whether Or Not They’re Actually Close In Real Life

They’re all comedians, really.

BTS Showered RM With The Funniest English Compliments, And His Reaction Was Priceless

We totally agree with them 😂

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These Are The Top 30 First-Day Album Sales Of K-Pop Artists… That Aren’t From The “Big Four” Companies

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13 Female K-Pop Idols Who Are Only Children In Their Family

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Here’s 20+ Hilarious Things That ARMYs Would Get Fired For If They Worked At HYBE

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BTS’s Jungkook Discovers The Joys Of Swirling Ice Cream, And He Can’t Get Enough

His reactions are the cutest 🥺

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares The One Tip That All New Cat Parents Need To Know

Take it from the Cat Mama herself!

Here Are 20+ ARMY Reactions To “BTS Memories Of 2020” That Are Too Relatable

ARMY “really are the strongest soldiers.”

3 Times BTS’s Jungkook Saved People From Dangerous Situations

“Jungkook actually saved my life once. I almost died.”

BTS’s J-Hope Sent A Coffee Truck To Suga And Accidentally Made Them Look Like A Couple

Just Sope things!

The Diet And Exercise That SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Recommends Instead Of Unhealthy Starving

This is what he’s been doing recently.

Here Are 15+ Moments From “BTS Memories Of 2020” DVD That Everyone Deserves To See

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BTS Reveal The Hilarious Reasons As To Why They Probably Wouldn’t Want A New Member

Jungkook: All the rooms are taken 👁👄👁

Disappointment Grows As The Plot Of “Nevertheless” Fails To Meet Netizens’ Expectations

“It’s really freaking boring…”

BTS’s Suga Once Revealed The Movie Role He Thinks He Would Play

Jimin and J-Hope got playful after Suga gave his answer.

These Are The 20 Most Recent K-Pop Music Videos To Hit Major Milestones

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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Just Dyed Her Hair Blonde And Fan Edits Have Come To Life

This is NOT a drill!

BTS’s RM Teased Jimin For Not Taking English Lessons, And Jimin Responded With One Word

Several members are taking lessons!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung Once Showed Off Her Bag, And One Item Had Sana And Mina “Confused”

Sana teased Chaeyoung a little at the end!